Diversity Spotlight Thursday

Diversity Spotlight Thursday: f/f romance


Diversity Spotlight Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks. The goal: talk about diverse books! The meme features 3 diverse books—1 diverse book you read and enjoyed, 1 diverse book that you haven’t read yet, and 1 diverse book that hasn’t been released yet.

This week, I’m talking about books with f/f romance!

A Diverse Book I Read & Enjoyed

The Paths We Choose by M. Hollis

If you happened to catch my review of M. Hollis’ amazing f/f novellas a couple weeks back, then you’ll know how much I loved this one.

As if the casual-sex-turned-romance itself wasn’t enough, The Paths We Choose also spotlights female friendship in a way that brought tears to my eyes (I shit you not). The main character, Lily, is a Brazilian immigrant who likes girls but doesn’t label herself; she’s surrounded by amazing young women living their lives and being supportive of each other. For a short book, Hollis tackles sex positive conversations between partners, as well as a brief bit where Lily and friends support Hope in her choice to remain a virgin.

Basically, it’s everything.

Goodreads | Amazon


A Diverse Book on my TBR

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Ok, yes, everyone’s raving about this book. Because it’s not just about lady love. It’s about friendship, fandom, internet culture, and so much more.

I’m particularly excited about the casual intersectionality of this book: Charlie is bisexual and Chinese, and her best friend Taylor has anxiety. Did I mention I will relate to both of these characters? Because that’s really important to me. There’s so little decent mental health rep out there, so I’ve been putting off reading Queens of Geek because I know it’s going to leave me with book hangover.

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository


A Diverse Book Releasing Soon

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz (July 25, 2017)

Goodreads Synopsis:

“A beautiful and evocative look at identity and creativity, The Gallery of Unfinished Girls is a stunning debut in magical realism. Perfect for fans of The Walls Around Us and Bone Gap.

Mercedes Moreno is an artist. At least, she thinks she could be, even though she hasn’t been able to paint anything worthwhile in the past year.

Her lack of inspiration might be because her abuela is in a coma. Or the fact that Mercedes is in love with her best friend, Victoria, but is too afraid to admit her true feelings.

Despite Mercedes’s creative block, art starts to show up in unexpected ways. A piano appears on her front lawn one morning, and a mysterious new neighbor invites Mercedes to paint with her at the Red Mangrove Estate.

At the Estate, Mercedes can create in ways she hasn’t ever before. But Mercedes can’t take anything out of the Estate, including her new-found clarity. Mercedes can’t live both lives forever, and ultimately she must choose between this perfect world of art and truth and a much messier reality.”

I mean… artsy girl + magical realism? WHY NOT?!

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository


Obviously there are so many f/f books out there to choose from—because we are so damn fortunate in this day and age, especially knowing there will continue to be so many more. Have you read any of these books? What are some of your favorite lady-loving books? Let’s chat in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Diversity Spotlight Thursday: f/f romance”

  1. Love love love all of your choices here! I really want to read that first book you picked and loved already, it sounds so good. ❤ I have read Queens of Geek a little while ago and enjoyed it so much, it was adorable, fun, and the representation was on point. I hope you'll love it! 🙂
    That last one, The Gallery of Unfinished Girls, is on my TBR as well 🙂

  2. QUEENS OF GEEK IS MY FAVOURITE 😍😍 I’m super excited for you to read it! Taylor’s anxiety mirrored my own so well. I hope you love it. The Paths We Choose was really cute too and I can’t wait for The Gallery of Unfinished Girls!

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