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behind the blog


Hi there! I’m Christine.

I am an aspiring novelist & life-long reader in my late-ish-twenties.

I have worked for 9 years as a barista, which has left me with some obscure coffee knowledge as well as a serious caffeine addiction.

I’ve been writing seriously for about 13 years. I just completed a rough draft of my 4th novel, a YA Contemporary about a (closeted) bisexual girl dealing with depression (it’s #OwnVoices). If you’d like to know more about said WIP, or you’re interested in beta reading for me, please check here.

I’m always reading something, and I’m currently focusing on reading more diverse books. If you’re interested in having me read and review your book, please see my review policy and contact info.

I’m a proud bad feminist, which means I believe in equal rights for all persons, but I’m far from perfect in my politics, and I’m willing to learn.

I live in small-town Pennsylvania with my human soulmate, my cat, and a wolamute. I previously lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Philadelphia. I’m from Tulsa, OK, where I studied English & Women’s Studies.


about the story salve (formerly more adventurous)

Since the wise old age of 13, I’ve been preoccupied with preserving myself, keeping track of my life and taking stock of things. In high school, I kept extensive journals filled with repetitive ramblings and angst-filled thought patterns, anything to pass the time and keep me from losing my sanity. When I was 17, I discovered that journaling was literally the only self-care I knew to do.IMG_7474

My blogging has evolved out of that childish need to put myself down on paper and into a desire for an online record of my life, the things I care about, my thoughts, and what I’m reading. It’s a way for me to hone my writing craft on a regular basis and keep in touch with myself. And, obviously, it’s a way for me to connect to the world in hopes that maybe my words will reach someone else out there.

More recently, the blog has evolved to what it is now: the story salve. The name comes from the two major things I blog about: stories (both writing and reading) and living with depression. Throughout my life, reading and writing stories (both fictional and nonfictional) have acted as a balm on the wounds of my heart. While I accept that this blog may never go anywhere from a “professional” standpoint, I recognize that if my words can touch one person, make him or her feel a little less alone, then I’ve done my job on this earth.


topics of interest

  • self-love ~ it’s the most important gift you can give yourself; it’s a constant process that’s never quite complete; it’s something I’m passionate about promoting to others
  • books ~ especially YA (and some well-written NA), feminist literature, anything f/f (give me more bi girls!!), diverse books in general (especially #OwnVoices)
  • mental illness representation & erasing the stigma ~ this is a big one to me, since I’ve suffered from depression off and on for almost a decade
  • alternative history ~ since graduating from college, I’ve become really interested in self-educating, particularly when it comes to history from the perspective of women, people of color, and other marginalized folks
  • all things lgbtqia+ ~ while I’m in a heterosexual relationship, I don’t identify as straight or relate to straight culture all that much; I’m also a huuuge advocate for accurate & stigma-erasing sex education
  • internet culture ~ particularly the ways social media has changed/is changing the way we interact with other people
  • gettin down in nature ~ in recent years I’ve been getting in touch with my Taurus self, so my insta is filled with nature if you’re into that


Come and find me – I’m always looking to make new friends!

Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Goodreads

For other inquiries, I can be reached via email: storysalve@gmail.com.

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