review policy

Edit: 7/8/17 — Due to personal issues, I am mostly on hiatus from blogging at the moment, and as such am not currently taking review requests. I hope to be back at it by September, so please do keep me in considerations.

If you (or someone you know) is interested in having me review your book, please take a look at the requirements below.

Review Policy

Genres I review:

  • YA contemporary
  • literary/contemporary fiction
  • science fiction or fantasy *if it has a really great premise*

I am not interested in romance/erotica, short story collections, poetry, or non-fiction (although I will make an exception for LGBTQ+ and/or mental health books).

As far as formatting, physical or e-book copies are fine (note: kindle files preferred). I am open to self-published or indie authors, but I reserve the right to decline if I’m not interested in the story.

If I accept a review copy of your book: I will do my best to read and review within 4-6 weeks max. The review will be posted here as well as on my social media accounts.

Please Note: As of now, I am not posting any reviews on this blog that are less than 3 star reads.* If you send me a review copy but I can’t in good conscience give the book a positive review, I will email you, letting you know the reasons why.

As a writer, I understand that writing a book and self-publishing is incredibly hard work. I also know that indie/self-published books will take a greater hit from a negative review than one that’s published by the big 5 publishers. In that sense, I’d rather not review the book at all than harm an author’s sales.

*unless the book is incredibly problematic, particularly in terms of LGBTQ+ rep or mental health rep, as these are ~my lanes~

my rating system

5 stars – This book has earned a place among my favorites. The writing wow’d me; the portrayal of diverse characters was amazing; I devoured the story in a matter of hours. I will re-read this at some point, as well as shove the book at everyone I know.

4 stars – This book was really good. I will still recommend it with relative ease. I may have taken issue with the quality/style of writing. This was outside my normal genre range, but still awesome.

3 stars – This book was decent. I probably wanted to like it more than I actually did. The writing wasn’t great, or the story wasn’t my style. OR it was very good, but something major threw me out of giving it more stars.

2 stars – This book was disappointing. Either the style of writing wasn’t great, the plot didn’t keep me interested, or this book had problematic content or representation of marginalized characters.

1 star – I didn’t like this book at all. The writing was probably awful, and it was most likely extremely problematic in representing marginalized characters.

how to contact me:

For review inquiries For all personal inquiries, please DM me on Twitter @storysalve.